Interactive and innovative dance-theater projects and lecture-performances that combine words, movement, and everything in between.


Each one of these projects has been presented in theaters, museums or galleries and can be adapted to different and unconventional venues. Most of our projects are subsidized by Culture for the Periphery. We have performed at the Jerusalem Theater, in Beit Mazia, Suzanne Dallal, the Israel Museum, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Haifa Museum, the Bible Lands Museum, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Gerar Behar, Beit Avi Chai as well as in galleries, culture halls, and community centers in many cities and towns around the country

:Small World


"Man- Small World, World- Giant Man" (Avot d'Rabbi Natan, 31)

A Solo of one body and endless worlds.

A chaotic and yet orderly lecture-performance, presenting reflections between microcosms and macrocosms, between general and personal.


Choreography and Performance: Tammy Izhaki

Dramaturgy: Ronen Izhaki

Music: Rami Treistman 

Rehearsal Director: Amit Hadari

Roll-up design: Nofar Daskal

Light design: Swabbe

Production: Between Heaven and Earth

Thanks: Tmuna Theater, MASH

Language of spoken text: Hebrew version or English version

Premiered at MASH Festival 2016

"Unconventional, a sheer delight. Excellent solo!" (Ruth Eshel, Haaretz)

"Best solo piece of 2016!!!" (Ora Brafman, Dancetalk)

"Enchanting autobiographical piece" (Zvi Goren, Habama

Excerpts from the Reviews

“Out-of-the-ordinary. A pleasure. Excellent solo!” (Ruth Eshel, Ha’Aretz)

“The best solo of 2016!!!” (Ora Brafman, Rikudibur)

“Marvelous autobiographical piece” (Zvi Goren, HaBamah)

Detailed Reviews:

Extraordinary solo. What a pleasure… The body transforms into a living monument of memory and identity, in the past, the present and everything that is expected, perhaps, in the future. The piece is built layer upon layer, in a clear and thoughtful analysis of the study of the body. Excellent solo.

(Ruth Eshel, Ha’Aretz)

The best solo of 2016 as chosen by the Rikudibur website! An exceptional work that is inspired by sources from a world of content that is less familiar to most of us, including myself, and yet finds a way to weave a surprising path to my heart. Izhaki is revealed as a remarkable performer. A riveting presence, impressive abilities, and sharp-witted humor that brandishes the sword of understatement. This is a special piece, original and text-dependent mainly because of the unique choice of material. I wrote about this piece in the past, have mentioned it on several subsequent occasions and never skimped on praise. With Izhaki, extreme absurdity seems both completely authentic and utterly groundless. Perhaps. Charming innocence, it seems, is an effective form of camouflage but even graciousness cannot diminish this intelligent and fascinating work.

(Ora Brafman, Rikudibur)

“Marvelous autobiographical piece” (Zvi Goren, HaBamah)

צילום נעמה דשבסקי 2

Happy Planet Index


A dance-theater performance (or “spoken-dance” if you prefer) that offers a glimpse of life in Jerusalem and life in general, via sociological, geographical and historical data, in an attempt to decipher the code of happiness. A promise of pure happiness for the entire audience!

Choreography: Tammy Izhaki

Dramaturgy: Ronen Izhaki

Dancers:Or Ashkenazi, Hila Zohar, Mor Bergman

Music: Rami Treistman - Studio Ramix    

Stage and costumes design: Keren Dambinsky

Excerpts from the Reviews

“A special, intelligent performance that provokes the senses… A creative and philosophical layer of our research work” (Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research Team)


In Pain


"in pain thou shalt bring forth children" (Genesis 3, 16)

What happens when mother goose meets Eve? A dance-confession for one human dancer and 50 rubber ducks, her children. 

Choreography and Performance: Tammy Izhaki

Dramaturgy: Ronen Izhaki

Music: Broadway Project, DXM
Lighting: Uri Rubinstein

Excerpts from the Reviews

The extraordinary part of the program was “In Pain” by Tammy Izhaki. A dance rich with imagination…performed by a dancer with confidence and experience on stage… A surprising choreographic solution” (Ruth Eshel, Ha’Aretz)

“The composition maintained an even balance between funny and serious, pathetic and morose… A pretentious proclamation that certainly rings true.” (Tal Levin, Achbar Ha’Ir)

בעצב-איכות טובה

Hot Mit a Feder


"Jewish women may not go with uncovered head in the marketplace, whether married or not". (Shulchan Aruch, Even Haezer, 21-p2)

A kerchief, a scarf or a shawl? Half a ponytail, a braid or a wig? A cap, a brimmed hat or perhaps a small feathered hat that obeys my every wish?

Choreography: Tammy Izhaki

Artistic Management: Daniela Bloch
Dancers: Nehara Dance Group - Lia Viel, Tzipi Nir, Snonit Bernan, Dalia Peretz
Music: Yehudit Mizrahi, piano magic
Costumes: Orit Shapira
Lighting: Uri Rubinstein

צילום תמי וייס 1
צילום תמי וייס 21

Have you Done


"What have you done? The serpent deceived me" (Genesis 3:13)

The known myth of Heaven in a personal interpretation.

Adam and Eve are a couple in their living room, the serpent joins them and allows the creation to take place and go wrong.


Choreography: Tammy and Ronen Izhaki

Dancers: Idan Porges, Igal Furman, Doron Raz, Galia zur, Ayala Frenkel

Music: Uri Drumer

Costumes: Dana Palmon, Yamima Carmel

Excerpts from the Reviews

“One of the most remarkable works at the “Curtain Up” Festival: A modern interpretation of the expulsion from Eden… Interesting concept, precise and high quality execution.” (Ruth Eshel, Ha’Aretz)

“Nice choreography… Kudos to all three performers” (Zvi Goren, HaBamah)

מה זאת עשית 3 צילום גדי דגון
מה זאת עשית 1 צילום גדי דגון - Copy
_MG_6284 - Copy



"The heavens are the heavens of the LORD; but the earth hath He given to the children of men." (Psalms Chapter 115, 16)

Where is the connection between "Swan Lake" and "Psalms"?
Will the spirit be able to rise above? And what will happen to the body?
A conversation between the above and under worlds. 


Choreography: Tammy and Ronen Izhaki

Dancers: Chen Shilat, Adi Hanan, Keren Nutik
Music: Emmanuel Witzthum, Nina Simon, Tchaikovsky
Music Editing: Emmanuel Witzthum
Costumes: Dana Palmon

Excerpts from the Reviews

“The deepest and most mature piece presented in this program is “Gretel” by Tammy and Ronen Izhaki… An expression of the true potential of choreography… The dancers’ creativity and technical ability enhance the piece, creating a pure gem.” (Ruth Eshel, Ha’Aretz)

עדי 2
עדי 1
עדי וקרן

This Now Is

"This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh" (Genesis 2:23).

A duet inspired by the creation story of Adam and Eve and Plato's Symposium, describing the mythical bond between a man and a woman and the relationship that derives from this bond.


Choreography and Performace: Tammy and Ronen Izhaki
Original Music: Yehudit Mizrahi
Costumes: Sharon Pardo

Excerpts from the Reviews

“Original lexicon… Very moving, clever and funny… One of the most pleasurable works” (Ora Brafman, Jerusalem Post)

“Funny, sensual, painful, transient and perpetual at the same time”)Ayelet Dekel, “Midnight East”)

“A charming duet that surprisingly transforms into a choreographic exchange of rhythmic kisses” (Michal Ba’adani Ben-Shisho, “HaAretz – Achbar Ha’Ir”)

“They knew exactly how to add an element of humor to the concept of the human couple, including a virtuosic segment of kisses.” (Zvi Goren, “HaBamah”)

“The climax of the duet is the kissing scene…Similar to a boxer’s punching bag.” (Ruth Eshel, “HaAretz”)

“A M A Z I N G! I was not the only one amazed by their “Dance of Kisses.” The dancers captivated the entire audience as if by an enchanted spell. Irresistible, humoristic, adventurous and very elastic” (Guy Baum, Hirtashmut)

פורטרט תמי ורונן יצחקי
זאת הפעם צילום איל לנדסמן
_MG_0002 Rזאת הפעם 3 צילום אייל לנדסמן