An intimate dance show inspired by the story of the celebration of the four who entered the orchard .
The four ensemble dancers are now with the crowd entering the orchard.

There is no telling how they came out ..

Choreography: Ronen Izhaki Created by: Hanania Schwartz, Yuval Azoulay, Eyal Ogen Guest Dancer: Yair Barbash Production: Hodaya Grossman, Rachel Schwartz Costume Design: Yeshayahu Rabinowitz

צילום אורן מנצורה



Kaet Ensemble brings to stage questions about the human-body of the Israeli-Jewish man, which goes through rapid changes and dilemmas regarding his masculine identity. 

Does the body still carries the TORAH and the spirit within, or maybe it's already full of muscles and flesh of a soldier-athlete?

Kaet Ensemble offers the third possibility, the fusion that is created in the complex contemporary Israeli lab.

Choreography: Ronen Izhaki. Dancers: Hanania Schwartz, Yuval Azoulay, Eyal Ogen, Yair Barbash.

This work in collaboration with JW3: Jewish Community Center for London

And with the generous support of the Rayne Foundation

Choreographer's Note

ירדן מאירוביץ (7)
ירדן מאירוביץ (3)



We find ourselves between heaven and earth, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, between the ancient world of Hassidism and the world of modern culture. We benefit from being mediators between these two extremes and are grateful for the existence of the extremes, as they are. We clap with our left and right hands.


This work was produced with support from the Jerusalem Foundation and from the Ministry of Sport and Culture – Dance Division.


Choreography: Ronen Izhaki // Dancers: Hanania Shwarz, Elon Reich, Yuval Azulai, Eyal Ogen // Guest Dancers: Neria Cohen, Jean Mark Lilling, Barak Drori, Shlomo Dahan // Costume Design: Yeshayahu Rabinowitz // Set Design: Yossi Nagar // Artistic Guidance: Nava Frankel, Tami Yitzhaki // Lighting: Amir Castro // Rehearsal Management: Idan Porges



In the work “Dust” from Ronen Izhaki, with fear and trembling, we enter the world of the “white death” (1981) – one of the first works of Ruth Ziv Eyal, a work that is the genetic code of Ruth’s repertoire and the essence of her unique language. Together with his brave partners for this journey – Kaet ensemble, a contemporary dance troupe of religious men that works in the framework of “Between Heaven and Earth”, Ronen connects between different times and places to forge new creations.


This work was originally produced as part of a project supported by the Israeli Lottery.


Choreography: Ronen Izhaki // Artistic Consultant: Naomi Perlow // Production: Anat Radnai, Yael Maimoni, Ella Tzubari // Dancers: Hanania Shwartz, Eyal Ogen, Yuval Azulai, Alon Ben-Yaakov // Artistic Management: Tammy Izhaki // Lighting: Amir Castro // Music: Emanuel Witzom // Rehearsal Management: Gavriel Shpizter // Gaga Lessons: Idan Porges // Costume Design: Yishayhau Rabinowitz // Dramaturgy: Ramy Dvir

Beggars’ March


From the world of beggars, a simple hand is stretched forth, breaking into our very being. Our solitary existence is disturbed, in a work that dances in the footsteps of the beggars of Rebbe Nachman from Bretslev.

This work was created with the support of the council for arts and culture from the Israeli Loteery and from the Ministry of Culture.


Choreography: Idan Porges // Dancers and Creators: Hanania Shwartz, Alon Reich, Yuval Azulai, Eyal Ogen // Music: Talia Klieger // Management of Rehearsals: Gavriel Shpitzer // Artistic Guidance: Ronen Izhaki // Vocal Guidance: Gidon Levinson // Photos, Styling, and Videos: Ascaf

Highway Number 1


Between the sacred and the profane, between the secular ecstasy of nightclubs and the religious ecstasy that is expressed through the praying body, through fear and trembling.


Choreography: Tammy and Ronen Izhaki // Dancers: Kaet Dance Ensemble –Ehud Yehuda Segev, Ohad Stein, Alon Ben-Yaakov, Amitai Stern, Hanania Shwartz, Adam David Ben-Tzvi, Eyal Ogen // Music: Emmanuel Witzum // Voices: Yitzhak Nativ // Costume Design: Aaron Manor

House Committee


Six men circle around a table, sometimes as drunken peasants at a feast, sometimes as Hasids at a house of study – underneath and above the table lies an ancient reality interspersed with the present day. A committee through movement is formed.


Choreography: Aviv Avigai // Artistic Guidance: Ronen Izhaki // Dancers: Alon Ben-Yaakov, Yehuda Miller, Ehud Yehuda Segev, Ohad Stein, Amitai Stern, Hanania Shwartz, Adam David Ben-Tzvi // Production: Lidia Meltin // Music: Emmanuel Witzum // Costume and Set Design: Yehuda Miller