Admit it: You’ve never gone to a dance festival. If you did, it was probably only one time, and you spent weeks telling your friends about it and posting on Instagram in order to prove that you’re a stellar consumer of contemporary culture.


A well-known trick.

A Jewish modern dance festival is so strange that it doesn’t even fit into one of your cultural categories. So instead of trying to define this event, simply come and see edgy works of living art, speaking in a new language of the body - your body will enjoy it, and your soul will cry out for more.

The festival is taking place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv:

Jerusalem: at the Gerard Behar Center, and the Israel Museum.

Tel Aviv: at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


Come in peace.

Distinguished guests of "Between Heaven and Earth" festival, citizens and creators,


The "Between Heaven and Earth" festival is a Jerusalem symbol that connects the contemporary dance world with the world of Jewish renewal.

The festival, just like the city of Jerusalem, creates connections between the new and the old, between the traditional and the contemporary, between our Jewish origins and current Israeli culture – connections that create fresh new worlds of content and shine a new light on art and tradition.

Now more than ever, on the jubilee year of the reuniting of Jerusalem it is discernible that the city is experiencing an artistic blossoming and a cultural renaissance of which the "Between Heaven and Earth" festival is an inseparable part.

This festival contributes to Jerusalem's establishment as the cultural capital of Israel whose continuous growth is important and celebrated. So today, as always, we continue to support its activity alongside a variety of events and shows occurring in the city.

I wish to thank all those who participated in these activities and who cooperated with us and the dedicated festival team to enable this celebrated creation: the Jerusalem Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Bader Philanthropies, and the growing circle of friends of "Between Heaven and Earth".




Nir Barkat

Mayor of Jerusalem

In keeping with recent years, this year's festival also has an annual subject which was researched and deeply studied. The eighth "Between Heaven and Earth" festival focuses on the delivery mechanism for knowledge, discipline and information. When knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, it gets stronger as it is being preserved, but it also changes according to the needs of the hour, the circumstances, insights and needs of receiving generations. This is what we call Between Generation Transfer – a mechanism that acts in different structural ways in various communities; some perceive the previous generation as an authority source – elder advice – while others perceive the next generation as the "world belongs to the young".

This year we traveled the Between Generation Transfer theme with dozens of creators who explored a variety of concepts: childhood scenery, reconstruction, belonging, behavioral genetics, body journey between traditions, inventing roots, the melody of my grandmothers, family archive, loyalty, the continuity of our parents, the other environment, the path that passes through us. You will be able to meet all these combinations and concepts later on in the program. The words' movements will be delivered on stage and in workshops.

Thank you and happy viewing,

Ronen Izhaki
Festival Director

Small Heading